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Sat, February 28

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Meals Program

Sometimes when family members are focused on their loved one's recovery, meals become a low priority.  To be sure that our guests have the nourishment they need during this highly stressful time, a daily meal is provided at the Chavis House.  Families, standing vigil in the Burn Center waiting room, are also invited to take a break from the hospital and join the Chavis House guests for lunch.

Hundreds of volunteers from local churches and other organizations generously lend their time and talents, preparing and donating over 10,000 individual meals each year.  The Foundation coordinates these volunteers, without whom this unique service would not be possible.  Contributing churches and other organizations are asked to deliver a fully prepared meal for 20-25 people.

If your church, civic club, or business would like to be a participating meals partner, contact us at 1-800-650-BURN.